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% less water

% less energy
% less chemicals

A BETTER BLUE is our eco-friendly denim line. We developed A BETTER BLUE in 2018 together with our long-standing denim partners in Italy. The production of A BETTER BLUE jeans saves considerable amounts of water, chemicals and electricity.

Our A BETTER BLUE jeans are made in Italy using sustainable materials, eco-friendly dying methods and gentle washing techniques – for sustainable jeans from start to finish, without ever compromising our signature style and high quality.

Sustainable materials.
Our weaving mill Candiani in Robecchetto near Milan uses 40 per cent cotton from sustainably managed plantations for all A BETTER BLUE denims and develops innovative, environmentally friendly materials. By the way: Candiani’s company headquarters is located in an environmental protection area – the company is considered the “greenest weaving mill” in Europe.

Sustainable dyeing methods.
Candiani spins yarns from sustainable materials, which are then dyed – always blue or black – for denim. When dyeing for the A BETTER BLUE line, Candiani also relies on environmentally friendly innovations that save water and chemicals

Sustainable washing techniques.
Along with Candiani, the laundry company Everest from the Italian town of Piombino Dese was also significantly involved in the development of our eco-denim line A BETTER BLUE. Everest is an innovative company that has its own water treatment plant and is constantly developing new environmentally friendly washing processes without chemicals – many of which even do without water completely.
Closed – Our Standards: A BETTER BLUE
Closed – Our Standards: A BETTER BLUE